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posted on: March 20, 2009

Alexander Family-11.jpg

I love it when I get a family who lets me capture them as they are. I find that if I let the children lead the way, I can create a really revealing look into the life of a family and the dynamics of their personalities as they play out in their interactions together. I also feel like family portraits are a great way to spend an afternoon together - it's one of the few times when it's really truly about just making time for each other, and I feel so honored when I'm the one who gets to capture that event.

Alexander Family-10.jpg

My time with the Alexander family started off with just the kids- exploring the back yard and learning what they loved about this place they called home.

Alexander Family-03.jpg

Alexander Family-05.jpg

Alexander Family-08.jpg

Alexander Family-06.jpg

Alexander Family-04.jpg

Alexander Family-22.jpg

Alexander Family-21.jpg

Alexander Family-01.jpg

Alexander Family-07.jpg

It was really fun to see how the dynamic changed when the parents came out to play. While a lot of parents feel slightly embarrassed when kids start to "act out" - I love it because it really reflects a child's personality. Years from now, when the kids have kids, there will be photos to remind them of what they were like. ;-)

Alexander Family-17.jpg

Alexander Family-16.jpg

Alexander Family-14.jpg

Alexander Family-15.jpg

Alexander Family-18.jpg

Alexander Family-09.jpg

Alexander Family-12.jpg

We always have to get at least ONE standard portrait of the family.

Alexander Family-13.jpg

These two are my favorites... probably because of my love of trees. ;-)

Alexander Family-19.jpg

Alexander Family-20.jpg

And this image was the family favorite- I'm just dying to see how the 20"x30" canvas looks on their walls!!

Alexander Family-02.jpg

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  1. As a mom, I swoon. As someone "in the biz," I admire. Excellent work Anne!

  2. jamie9:04 AM

    awwwwww. so makes me wish we lived near each other still!


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