Kate & Pete Engagement

posted on: August 29, 2008


I have always wanted to do an engagement session at a zoo, so when Kate told me that she used to work at the Indianapolis Zoo and wanted to do her engagement session there - I was (imagine me singing this) THRIIIILLLED! I loves me a challenge!



We started off in a pretty safe and normal spot- the well-manicured gardens next to the zoo, where we were able to take advantage of the beautiful greenery... which you know I love.



Curly Willows are seriously some of the prettiest trees ever...




I think all of that extra oxygen starts going to my brain because my ideas get progressively more abstract...




Until I remember I'm shooting an engagement session and people want to look happy and in love... so I leave the avant garde stuff behind and we just have fun!!



Since we had a pass that allowed us to get into the zoo... and I really wanted to find something different... Kate & Pete agreed, and we went!


For some reason, this little waterfall made Pete ask about making water look "soft". So I did a little demo on my camera to show him how shutter speed (in conjunction with aperture of course) can give you that "soft water look". ;-)
The easy way for non-pros is to put your camera on TV for Time Value, and set it to 1/15th of a second or so. A tripod helps, but you can turn yourself into a tripod if you brace your elbows on your knees- which is what I did for this shot. Anyway, I digress..

I have ALWAYS wanted to shoot inside one of these! The light was so cool in there!

Kate knew of a great spot to see yet ANOTHER view of the Indy skyline which I hadn't photographed yet!! Definitely one of the cooler spots to see the city from.

However, I must say that the coolest spot to see the city from, and the absolute highlight of this engagement session was our trip on the roller coaster!! Yes folks... a roller coaster engagement session!! Wooo Hooo!!!!! It was ridiculously hard to take photos on the roller coaster while it was moving and I was a bit afraid I was going to lose my camera a few times... but who cares, it was so worth it!! What a great way to end a day with two awesome people! I can't wait for the wedding!!!



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  1. Wohoo, totally awesome you got to take pics of them on the rollercoaster. Well done you!

  2. OK I happened to see something of yours while looking at the Gary Fong lightsphere. Then I was searching online for something and you had commented in a forum. And then I found your website and blog from that.

    I just want to say, OMG you're my hero! Your work is so beautiful! And you seem to have a great sense of humor--- a MUST in photography, IMO!

    This engagement shoot is absolutely adorable!!

    Thanks for sharing!


    Amanda Wilson

  3. these are so fun! You're a blog maniac today :)

  4. the shot with the lily pad/flower and the roller coaster are my favorites. great job. great vibe!

  5. Kaytie and Petey! These are so adorable. I love the last one on the roller coaster and some of your laughing ones! They are all beautiful. Great job Anne! Me and all my friends are going to have your photos plastered all over our houses. :)
    <3 Wendy Drake

  6. Wonderful pics!

    I was just at the Indy zoo last weekend! I only took 500+ pics. :)

  7. Anne- Those are beauti-riffic! Amazing!

  8. megan7:06 PM

    my friends! anne you did such a beautiful job as always...these capture their personalities so well. love love love them (well...the pictures and the lovebirds)!

  9. WOW Anne! This is an incredible engagement set! Beautiful job!

  10. YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

    Anne posts!

    Tommy likey!

  11. These are awesome, per usual! My fave is the last one in the rollercoaster and the one where you are looking down on their heads. :)

  12. Anne,

    You're an amazing artist and person and I miss your laugh. This e-shoot is wonderful and fun, just like you! The roller coaster photos... Holy Cow! Props to you, personally... I think I would have peed my pants ;)

  13. these are so fun, anne! :) i love the last ones!

  14. oh man! I did a rockin bridal session at a zoo last month. I can't wait to process those images.


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