Madeleine - 18 months

posted on: May 21, 2008

I love photographing kids as they grow up!! The last time I got to photograph Madeleine, she was only 9 months old and still very much dependent on mom & dad. A short nine months later, she's already coming into her own independence with a desire to take care of others. ;-) What a sweetie!!
madeliene-1 copy.jpg

At this age, she loves to feed the dogs treats..
madeliene-2 copy.jpg

... she likes to microwave her own (plastic) food...
madeliene-3 copy.jpg
madeliene-6 copy.jpg

... she may have a little bit of a drinking problem..
madeliene-4 copy.jpg

... but she's also happy to share...
madeliene-5 copy.jpg

... she likes talking on the phone..
madeliene-7 copy.jpg

... and she's a good listener...
madeliene-8 copy.jpg

I was really excited to be there for her first experience with snow and touching ice! What a joy it was to photograph her reacting to these new sensations!!
madeliene-10 copy.jpg

madeliene-11 copy.jpg

madeliene-12 copy.jpg

madeliene-13 copy.jpg

Dad got these cuddle rolls that they love to play in together..
madeliene-17 copy.jpg

Madeleine has a favorite blanket...
madeliene-16 copy.jpg

She's also coming into her own as a comedian... or perhaps... as a ghost....
madeliene-18 copy.jpg

She can even do mom's hair..
madeliene-9 copy.jpg

... and use dad as a ladder to reach her favorite food...
madeliene-15 copy.jpg

Did I mention she does a great impression of Popeye? HA!
madeliene-14 copy.jpg

She can climb the stairs by herself...
madeliene-20 copy.jpg

... and being in bed during the day is no longer about taking a nap...
madeliene-19 copy.jpg

I'm going to miss this family dearly when I leave Terre Haute! I loved getting to know them and photograph them!! Madeleine's mom has been a dear friend to me and I will sincerely miss hanging out together. ;-) Many hugs!!

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  1. I bet those dogs LOVE her feeding them treats!

    I'm totally getting my Anne photo fix today! Thanks!


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