Sara's Senior Portraits

posted on: March 11, 2008


Sara is one of the funnest models I've ever photographed!! (Although, if you were to ask Sara, she might argue with the label of "model".) When she originally contacted me, she said something like, "You're the only one I want to take my senior pictures. If you don't take them, I'm not getting them done." Talk about pressure!!! But it was also really cool that she valued my vision and trusted me to capture her spirit. She had so many ideas and so much inspiration to draw from!! She wanted her senior pictures to be totally original, unique, and creative. I don't think I took a single "traditional" photo the entire time... and it's nice to know that she's totally cool with that!


When I asked Sara what some of her favorite places were, she mentioned that her room was her favorite place to hang out, so it was fun to get a chance to see her personal space and be inspired by the things that she surrounds herself with. ;-)


Sara loves to read... and I love that it looks like her teddy bear is peeking out at me from behind the book...

This is an elephant. Sewn by one of her best friends. Made from old t-shirts. Love it.

She had an entire wall that was painted with chalkboard paint and when I came in the wall was covered with music! I was a little sad when she started erasing it all, but then we came up with this idea together... (if you don't get it, ask a musician ;-)

The day was very cold, very windy, and since we could only get together in the middle of the day, it was also full midday sun. Not my favorite conditions for shooting outdoor portraits, but Sara was incredibly brave and wanted to make this work no matter what- so I made the most of the conditions we had to work in! It really gave me a chance to use light in a different way, and I think the results are pretty damn cool if I say so myself!




Why do we love railroad tracks, as cliché as they are? Because they have cool lines and interesting backgrounds. ;-)

She loves these rainboots, and I love her bumper stickers. ;-)

I liked these boots the most... and they were vegan friendly. Sara - what was the name of the company?? By the way, this is a totally random porch in downtown Royal Oak, MI... which is also where we created the very first image at the top of this post. It's amazing what little things can look really cool. ;-)

Sara, is also an aspiring photographer- and this picture reminds me so much of Amelie.. and Sara reminds me so much of Amelie... with a beautiful and vibrant imagination. I was so lucky to spend a few hours of my life with her. ;-) Thank you so much Sara- you're an inspiration!! Don't ever stop following your dreams- they can take you anywhere you want to go!

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  1. Hey Anne!

    This is my favorite shoot of yours EVER!

    All of them are cool but, that first shot is so simple and so beautiful...I love it!

  2. Anne - these photos are fantastic! What a lucky girl to have such wonderful photos of herself.

  3. wOw. these are hands-down the coolest senior photos i've EVER seen. i'm jealous i didn't get something like this done!! :o) totally beautiful and unique. i'm sure sara will treasure them forever!

  4. serena grace1:54 PM

    wow, each shot is sooo good! love the variety and colors!

  5. Kurtis Bowersock3:27 PM

    Hello Anne,

    So even with little sleep, you can put up such a nice post BEFORE NOON. You're a pretty amazing lady!

  6. Awesome photos!! Really love the spirit that shows through!

  7. these are fantastic anne! i love how different they are. all of her friends are going to be jealous they didn't have you for their senior pictures. :)

  8. Jamie7:05 PM

    LOVE the first shot! and the quarter rest... we may have to find you for family photos when we get to that stage!

  9. I love these! They're all so fun. She must be so happy with the way the shoot turned out. (Oh and I do "get" the rest note - such a cute idea!)

  10. Love that first shot Anne... beautiful! Hope I bump into you at WPPI :o)

  11. Anne,
    I know Sara personally, and after looking her photos I was amazed.
    I'm only a sophomore in high school, but I certainly want you to do my senior photos as well.
    I applaud your work, and I am calling my mother right now over to the computer for her to take a look.

  12. Wow. These are probably some of the best Seniors shots I've ever seen! Amazing! What a creative idea with the chalkboard wall!

  13. Stinkin' inspirational, as ALWAYS!

  14. These look so great looks like you made such a good connection with her and that is so important in this business.

  15. Jennifer Grant5:16 PM

    You rocked it-again! (I wouldn't expect anything less) I can't imagine how thrilled Sara must have been to get these. I know I would have been speechless--she looks amazing! And your collaboration...just perfect.

  16. Anonymous11:24 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. i'm so bummed i didn't get to meet you at wppi. huge fan of your work. this session is just amazing! have an incredible weekend!

  18. Wow, I love the one with the chalkboard wall and the last one on the red wall with her camera is awesome too!

  19. you're an amazing photographer, i would really like to know what city you live in and everything, my senior pictures are coming up in a few short years and you're pictures are absolutely genius,

    my email is
    email me if you'd like to,
    i'd really really appreciate it,
    =) thanks!

  20. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Awesome job! These pictures are stunning. I would love for you to take my senior photos :)
    Just out of curiosity, Which photo did Sara choose?


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