Monica & Eric Engagement

posted on: February 22, 2008

Smart, witty, ambitious, adventurous, interesting, and grounded all come to mind when I think of Monica & Eric. I just love how real and authentic they are... is that weird to say about someone? Oh well, that's what I love about them. ;-)

They live in a beautiful old furniture factory remodeled for loft style condos in downtown Indianapolis, next to the Indianapolis Zoo, White River State Park, IUPUI, and IndyGo public transportation. I normally wouldn't give this much info about where they live, but they're trying to sell their condo- and if my hubby was teaching downtown instead of in Terre Haute- we would totally buy it!

I liked Eric's personalized pint glasses. ;-)



Don't they look like they could be in a Columbia catalog?
Any question about who their favorite team is?

When I asked what they love to do together, one of the things they mentioned was playing with their dog Riley, who is such a good dog with tons of energy...

They have a nice grassy area for Riley to play in, and I just love this orange throwing-stick-thing they use to throw the slobbery, slimy tennis ball after it's been in Riley's mouth! I wish I'd thought to get one of those when I had a lab who loved to play fetch!

What a catch! I think Riley would have done a back-flip just to catch the ball!

You want Anne to play? HA!

Another thing that Monica & Eric love to do together is take walks along the river. In fact, Eric is the one who developed the INShape Indiana program to promote healthy lifestyles for the people of Indiana! One of the public contributions of the INShape program were these mile markers to help encourage more walking downtown...

They love this bridge...

Along our walk, we crossed paths with a lovely bride & groom who were out exploring the town with their photographer.. how serendipitous!

Of course, being photographers, we had to stop and strike a ShootSac pose! (Yes, I look like the pillsbury dough-girl and yes, I want to poke my tummy and say hee-hee!)

I love trees!

... and kisses...

... and skylines... with kisses...

.. and hugs make me smile... ;-)

I saved my favorite for last. ;-) Sometimes I have a hard time putting into speech what it is that I want to accomplish visually. So, when we were walking by the zoo, I noticed a bunch of animal sculptures standing on top of a hill and I got so excited about an idea that I told Monica & Eric I wanted them to be animals too! Of course, Monica & Eric gave me a funny look and said, "You want us to be animals? Like... act like an animal?" After finally realizing what I had just asked of them, I burst into laughter and explained what I really meant... I wanted them to look like they were part of the sculptures!! My embarasment was completely worth it because this is by far my absolute favorite picture of them together and if I were them, I would get it blown up as a big canvas gallery wrap piece of art for their home. (No pressure!) ;-)

Thank you Monica & Eric for such a wonderful time together and for the FABULOUS Thai Pad See-ew! That was totally unexpected and so generous of you- and sooo much better than what I probably would have had to eat on my way home!! I can't wait for the wedding day!!!

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  1. The bit about wanting them to be animals made laugh, Anne. So funny! You pulled it off beautifully though, even if it didn't come out right at first! I agree, that would make such a lovely big gallery wrap.

  2. Nice shootsac!

    Oh, and that last picture ROCKS!

  3. Super cute! I love when pets are incorporated into the pictures.
    I think the last shot is my favorite :)

  4. Wow. Your "and skylines... with kisses" shot is probably my favorite. : )

  5. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you KIDDING me with that last shot?!

    oh, and love the processing, duh.


  6. Kim Kelley4:14 PM

    I am crackin up over the long tongue that dog has. My pug has the longest tongue on the planet, so I appreciate these things. LOL As for these shots, WOW! They are all fantastic, but the last 3 are my favs for sure. Skylines & Kisses being my #1 pick.

  7. Annabel5:24 PM

    oh goodness, you're such a genius. I love this set.

  8. Monica & Eric~ i hope you read this. That last shot! Oh my goodness -you totally need to take Anne's advice on getting a gallery wrap. Better yet, add that to your registry and have friends and family contribute to a gift certificate with Anne Ruthmann, so you can accumulate credit to get a beautiful gallery wrapped canvas....
    Anne...I have to agree with Bobbi...HOLY COW! That last shot is award worthy!!!! You never seize to amaze me ragazza!

  9. leslie2:50 AM

    like everyone else is saying, that last shot is awesome! you are a genius :)_

  10. Once again with those fabulous non-Ps textures! Love the green door! (And the skyline is equally wonderful!)

  11. Wow again! These are amazing. Again! I love the one you caught of the dog "want Anne to play?". Too, too, too great!

  12. The dog shot is so classic. And along with the rest of the crowd, the last shot...LOVE IT!

  13. Anne the skyline and animal shots are just outstanding!!!!!

  14. Anne you're beautiful inside and out! I love your's fun and creative and not some BRAGY all about me blog but just a sincere nice place. Thanks.


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