Christmas at Mom's

posted on: December 27, 2007

We all learned how to play the card game Tripoley together...

My mom & her newlywed husband...

My brother's girlfriend and my husband... (with his bottle of Pomme Lambic)

My brother and myself (with my bottle of Framboise Lambic)... my husband is filming (hence the *hem* interesting close-ups). After looking at this I realized that when someone pulls a card I don't like, I scrunch my face up!! Damn... I need to work on my poker face!

Candid camera strikes again!

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  1. I'd say he zoomed in! LOL

    You guys are all too cute. Thanks for showing the game, now we'll have to try that one out. We are major Euchre fans here.

    Glad you made it there and back safely!

  2. This was fun to watch! But, yes, you'd be easy to read at a poker table, I fear. Thanks for this, Anne.

    Ed Verosky

  3. Heidi3:35 PM

    Oh my goodness...I loved Tripoly growing up! My sister and I always played it with my grandparents!

    Happy to hear you are safe and sound!

  4. mmmmm lambic - try the peach :)

  5. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Your moms little dance was toooo funny. =)

  6. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I love your Mom's little Mom dance! And, is Alex wearing a Zingerman's t-shirt?? And your scrunchy face was too cute!

  7. Tripoly and Lambic? That's a holiday.


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