Cara & Sean's Wedding

posted on: December 14, 2007

Cara & Sean's wedding was absolutely beautiful, intimate, and unique! Deer Park Manor in Bloomington, IN did a fabulous job of making the event special from beginning to end.

Breakfast of champions to start the morning off right...

There are a few photographers who are really into textured overlays, which is really cool and trendy right now, but I'm undecided if it will stand the test of time, so I choose to avoid them and stick to a more clean and classic processing style that I know will be timeless. Afterall, weddings are trendy enough as it is! However, this next image really has the feeling of being textured, but it's just hairspray being the focal point with the hair slightly out of focus in the background. Pretty neat, huh? Best part of all- no photoshop required! (I can just see it now... people spraying hairspray in front of their cameras whenever they want the look... he he he)

I usually suggest that brides try to get everything done a week before the wedding so that they can really spend time reflecting on marriage and enjoying time with their future hubby. Well, let's just say that I have yet to see it happen- so don't feel bad if it doesn't happen! There are always things that are left until the last minute, or forgotten about entirely until someone asks you about something that just didn't cross your mind. For Cara, it was her entire seating chart. Even if you're just selecting who gets to sit at one table.. this is not an easy task!! It's easy to underestimate how much time these things take... afterall, when have you had to plan seating for this many people before?! It took several people and the entire morning to get the seating chart done in time for the wedding. For most people, I would just say, if it's not done that morning- it's not getting done!! C'est la vie! But Cara was determined to get it done...

I think a man ironing is hot!

It seems like everyone has a different way of tying a tie.. do people really notice the difference?

For some reason, this one reminds me of a painting.. I just can't remember which one!

Cara & Sean had a beautiful wedding palette of aqua/turquoise, yellow, and green. It was such a beautiful combination- and when combined with the guy's khaki suits, created a casual but elegant look. There were all sorts of fun little details like the wooden fans and fresh sweet tea in mason jar glasses (not pictured).

Licensed to chill..

I don't think I had seen a sand ceremony where the mother's combined the sand at the beginning, but it was an interesting idea, since there were no candles to light.

I love outdoor ceremonies because it gives me the greatest freedom to get in close or to really step back and take it all in. You also can't beat the beauty of natural light and nature's scenery. If you're on the fence about outdoor vs. indoor... just go for the outdoor wedding. I would care to say that 90% of the time it works out with beautiful weather during the appropriate times of year.

I think it's so much fun when you see a really elegant and beautiful bride just having fun and being silly all on her own. It really gives everyone else permission to have fun as well..

Unfortunately the flower girl wasn't interested in having fun OR being silly on the wedding day. But she did enjoy this little boy's company, and I even caught a picture of him kissing her by the fountain! Here she is telling us how she's not going to get her picture taken... too late!

Before everything got underway with the reception, there was a private little taste testing of the chocolate fountain... yummmmay. ;)

I'm guessing the wedding dress isn't quite as tasty as the chocolate. Actually, she's trying to get those really little strings sewn into the dress to pop out so she can bustle the train. Knitting needles usually work best for this, but hey, a bridesmaid's gotta work with whatever she's got!

I love it when the best man gives more of a roast than a toast!

This junior bridesmaid is ready to dig in! Who cares about the bride & groom!

I love the monochromatic look of this detail shot, especially with the shadow creating a strong graphic element and line toward the veil and coat hanging on the chairs. In my eyes, anything can be art.

Man, those bleach pens come in handy all over the place! Again... man taking care of his own clothing... hot.

There are so many things I love about this next image: the leading lines, the perspective, the framing, the lighting and shadows, and most of all the paparazzi in the background.

Watch out! Here comes the bouquet and garter! I think these are some of the best bouquet/garter group shots I've ever captured! I'm pretty sure it's mostly because of the enthusiasm you see- they actually REALLY want them!!

Notice how differently girls and guys prefer to party...

Cara accidentally poured the champagne a wee bit too quickly- and what did I see? A cool ring shot! Now, isn't this much more interesting than posing your hand over a bouquet of flowers? I'm always on the lookout for candid details!

Guys on the dancefloor... also hot... and this kid is learning that at an early age!

Just before dusk, when the light was perfect, Cara & Sean gathered all of their guests out front for a large group shot and Deer Park Manor has this tiny little balcony that makes for a perfect set-up in the front!

Cara & Sean.. thank you SO much for inviting me to be a part of your day! Everyone was so nice that I totally felt like I was just hanging out with family and friends all day. Even though you're out in Chicago and I'm here in Terre Haute - I hope we get a chance to hang out and have beer again at that little bar in Lincoln Park! Keep in touch!!

Thanks for stopping by, now go away! HA! ;-)

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  1. POETRY, as alwaya, Anne!

    SO can't wait to meet you/jam at Flourish!

  2. jmpang6:55 PM

    oh so beautiful... i love the shot of the tide pen in action =)

  3. Wow Anne this looks like such a wonderful day. Good stuff!

  4. Anonymous10:13 PM

    I usually can't get myself to sit through any slideshows...but wow soooo many great shots!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. skibumsgirl1:16 AM

    What I like most about your photos is they make me feel like I'm at the event and then when I realize I'm not they make we want to be there to take part in all of the fun!

    What did the rocks in the bottom of the main vase for their sand ceremony represent??

  7. As always...BEAUTIFUL work!
    For me the "painting" photograph reminds me of one of Anna Akhmatova (Russian Silver Age poet) that Modigliani did.
    Plus the lady even kinda reminds me of Akhmatova.
    Happy Holidays

  8. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Excellent wedding photographs! They very vividly provide the atmosphere of happy holiday. Girl, going to eat cake, ladies, who run for the wedding bouquet and naughty girl with tongue and pedicure are wonderful! Regards from Russia

  9. Oh, I LOVE all those moments in time that you've captured on film....moments in the day that would have been LOST and forgotten, and you CAUGHT them forever! Love the emotion!

  10. Annabel5:09 PM

    I love that ring/champagne shot. Don't be surprised if I am constantly "accidentally" getting champagne poured all over my hands at my wedding. Okay, maybe not. You can't recreate magic like that.

  11. Anne--I'm so happy to see the great photos. What a lovely day for a very wonderful couple! Sue Shelden, Event Coordinator, Deer Park Manor

  12. I may be a little biased as the bride...but I love these photos!! Thanks you so much for all your hard work! They are more beautiful than I could have imagined!


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