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posted on: October 25, 2007


I have to admit that I get a little jealous whenever I photograph an engagement session for a couple who's wedding I won't get to photograph! It's like I get a little crush on the people while I photograph them and I then I wish that I could be their only photographer! I know it's my own fault because I can't be everywhere at once... sadly. Sarah & Ed are one of those couples that I won't get to see walk down the aisle, but I'm so glad that we got to do an engagement session together!

They picked the perfect setting for their engagement session - right at their own home in Brighton, MI (which also happens to be very close to my own family in Michigan!) The image above is exactly what I saw as I pulled up to the house. They were both sitting outside on their porch- Sarah with a glass of wine and Ed with a glass of beer. It was picture perfect and I didn't have to change a thing!


They had the perfect porch for pictures! Why? Because there was a big, beautiful skylight over the porch swing, in order to let more light into the living room! A skylight, oudoors, on a porch?! That's definitely getting filed in my "dream home" file. ;-)

We tried to do "American Gothic", but Sarah couldn't stop laughing!

Max was such a sweetie, and so well behaved! Definitely one of the better dogs I've worked with!

I noticed they had a clothes line in the backyard, and most people would have taken it out if they weren't using it, so I asked if they actually use it? When Ed said that he usually hangs his hockey gear out there after practice, I thought it would be fun to include a few more personal touches. Doesn't it look like Sarah could wear his jersey as a long dress?! Too funny!


Sarah made a special request that I get a picture of her chickens... funky chickens!


One of the things we talked about as we were planning the engagement session, was this 1970 Bronco that they like to camp out of and take for rides! The above picture was done using a pretty extreme technique in Lightroom, which was recently featured on the Lightroom Killer Tips podcast (I love the Photoshop guys - they've taught me a lot over the years!) It's almost illustrative and definitely grungy.. I certainly wouldn't use it a lot... but I thought it would be interesting here - what do you think?

Check out that embroidered seat cover baby, yeah! What is it that makes cars seem sexy no matter what condition they're in? I'm still trying to figure that out! How about dirty toes... are they sexy? HA! ;)


Sarah & Ed - thank you so much for inviting me over and sharing a little slice of your life with me! Best wishes for your wedding day while I try not to be jealous of the "other" photographer!

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  1. these are SO great! i think i love these tons more than any other engagements because they're all their home. it's so sweet! wonderful work, anne! :)

  2. LOVE the American Gothic and love the Lightroom effect you did with the truck pic!

  3. Jamie Weiss10:59 AM

    Anne, those are wonderfull! My favortie is them hanging the clothes out to dry...


  4. Is Cisco on that list?

    Great photos!

  5. this set turned out great! love the lightroom effect and the last dirty foot shot.

  6. You know what's great about the Lightroom effect you used? You can't even tell that you've done anything. And THAT'S the way spfx are best: enhancing the image, not making it. Great work, as always. :)

  7. Great images! Love the bronco. Oh, and the image of it is great, too!

  8. Claire8:48 PM

    What a great idea to be at home! The pictures really capture the true down-to-earth Sarah & Ed! I love it! Congrats! :o) Miss you!

  9. Adrianne1:03 PM

    WOW...these are the most different and wonderful photos I've ever seen for engagment. What I love most about them is, there's no "glamor shot, fu-fu" silly poses. So naturally "Sarah and Ed"

  10. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Bosch guys....we found you.

  11. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Way to Go Ed & Sarah ! Best wishes. Jane loves the house and big Fred loves the Bronco.

    Fred & Jane in Northampton


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