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posted on: July 12, 2007

One fateful night in Terre Haute, I stepped into The Verve to find a group of four incredibly talented musicians touring the country, sharing their music. I'm passionate about supporting independent musicians, so I took a few pictures for the blog to help spread the word. To my surprise, the guys loved the images so much that they asked if we could do a photoshoot the next time they came to town. That was a few months ago and because they were just ending a tour, I waited to post these images until they started touring again. Now that they're back on tour, I urge you to check out samples of their music along with their tour schedule by visiting, you won't be disappointed. Here's where they'll be over the next week...
7/13/07 - Kalamazoo, MI - Boomerang's
7/14/07 - Chesterton, IN - The Sidetrack
7/15/07 - Michigan City, IN - Red, White, & Brews Fest
7/18/07 - Ft. Wayne, IN - Legends

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  1. melinda3:14 PM

    oh anne, the world is getting smaller!
    my cousin USED to play bass in that band. it's a long story.

    anyway, as usual--great pics! :) hope everything's going well with you!

  2. My hometown on the 15th? I'll let my sister know!!

  3. these are great -
    the last one is awesome!

  4. Anne, these are so fun! I love musicians and it's great to see you support this band with your talents, great photos.

  5. these are fabulous babe!! How'd you light 'em? Do share!! Knowing you, it's natural light ;-)

    I miss you!!!

  6. Definitely check them out if you get the chance!

    Yep, these were all natural light! Nothing compares to the big ol fireball in the sky. ;-)

  7. Holy cow Anne!!! These are so great!

  8. amanda reynolds11:39 AM

    these are some of the coolest band shots I've ever seen. I love the post processing, nice work!

  9. Alan O3:36 PM

    These are a lot of fun. The pics from the concert look great too. I love Indie and I can't wait to check these guys out. I Googled "Stampead Music" and your blog is the fifth item down.

  10. Anne, I love the first photo. You are such an in inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Joe


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