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posted on: July 1, 2007

I've been waiting for three years to upgrade my cheapo free cell phone to something that will help me stay more organized and connected when I'm on the road. It took a lot of debating as to whether I was going to get a Blackberry or an iPhone, but Mac got the best of me, especially once I saw the visual voicemail, weather, and google maps. Not to mention, all of my contacts and calendar are already in mac programs, so my decision was practially made for me.

Friday I was on the road to Detroit, so I wasn't really able to get wrapped up in the whole iPhone frenzy. In fact, I wasn't even able to get to a store that sold them until 11:30 pm- which at that time, had to be an Apple store since none of the AT&T stores were open that late- and the store was still pretty packed, but there wasn't any wait and they still had plenty of iPhones. My husband, however, was completely wrapped up in the frenzy and was the 4th in line at the local Terre Haute AT&T store. I must say, I really underestimated Terre Haute when I thought there'd only be a few other people waiting in line with him. He said there were about 50 people waiting in line - in TERRE HAUTE! He could have been exaggerating, but even 25 would have been more than I expected. Somehow, out of all those people, the local news chose to interview MY HUSBAND about his interest in the iPhone. CLICK HERE to see Alex's 15 seconds of TV fame.

That's not all, he also managed to make it on the front page of the local newspaper... he's behind the sign in a black polo with a cup from Panera, which is where he was camped out all morning waiting to see if a line would form at the AT&T store. Apparently Panera fed everyone in line with some free Crispini- lucky! What a great way to piggyback some marketing off of the iPhone!!

As soon as I bought my 4GB iPhone and left the store, I had second thoughts. I kept thinking, should I have bought the 8GB? Well.. that thought was enough to keep me from opening the box and paying the $50 restocking fee, so I waited TWO WHOLE DAYS with an unopened iPhone stashed in my hotel room while I shot a wedding. I tried visiting an AT&T store before the wedding to see if I could exchange it there only to find out they couldn't exchange it because it came from the Apple store and even if they could, they didn't have any 8GB iphones in stock. The iPhone also came along with me unopened to a meeting with a potential client on Sunday and to lunch with my assistant/apprentice/i-don't-know-what-to-call-her-but-she's-wonderful/Delia, before finally making it back to the Apple store late Sunday afternoon and exchanging it for the 8GB- only to get in my car and realize I couldn't activate or even play with the iPhone until I got allllll the way back home where I could activate it with the latest version of iTunes. Yes, I'm a patient, patient, person. I waited 3 years to get another PDA- I guess 3 days to open an iPhone isn't so bad.

Here's the first picture I took with the little 2MP camera on the back... what do you think of my new sexy green specs? ;-)

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  1. melinda8:14 AM

    i can't believe you took that picture with a cellphone camera! now you are making me lust after an iphone even more! sadly, new mexico doesn't support cingular/at&t/whatever :(

    it would be a waste! lucky you though!! i can't believe i know someone with an iphone, it's like...knowing a celebrity! ;)

  2. jamie8:28 AM

    i do like the new specs! when will you be anywhere near KY???

  3. LOVE your story. It was so great. Iphones and Your Patientce made for a great read!
    -Melissa E Earle

  4. Ashley10:12 PM

    I saw your hubby on tv and I was like, "Justin, that's the husband of the photographer girl I found online!". I felt cool knowing someone who bought an ipod already. And to think you BOTH have one. Color me green!


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