Brooke & Jason Engagement

posted on: July 2, 2007


If these two are this cute on a windy day along the canal in downtown Indy - can you imagine how scrumptious they'll be on their wedding day!? I know I can't wait to find out!!

A little story about the shoes... Brooke wanted Jason to get rid of his old leather mules, so she hid them from him!! Well, I guess giving them back gave him just the comfort he needed to make it through their engagement session. Now if they ever disappear again, he'll always have a picture to remind him of his favorite shoes. ;)

I just love the ironwork on this bridge - it's probably my favorite bridge along the canal.



Brooke and I were thinking the exact same thing when we saw this spot!! LOVE IT!

It's not easy to pull off a serious look without looking angry- but they've got it!!



Flare, baby, flare!! Did you know that you can change the shape and look of your flare with your aperture (among other things)? Just a little tip for the photogs out there.


Last, but not least... a shot that's quickly becoming a signature shot for me along the canal. In fact, I get asked to shoot skylines A LOT!! I guess my couples love architecture as much as I do. ;-)

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  1. These are all super but that kissing shadow shot is fantastic! I just LOVE the way you see things!

  2. Gosh Anne, you have been a busy bee it seems. Just like Alissa, I like the kissing picture with the shadows. But once more your images are really inspirational.

  3. Wow. I'm always trying to find a good reflection. I love that picture the best! You're amazing.


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