One Shoe On, One Shoe Off

posted on: March 30, 2007

Wow, what a week. I think I had maaaaaybe 21 hours of sleep total over the last 7 days?! Waking up at 7 am and going to bed at 3 or 4 am every night is just crazy! And I wasn't even partying hard! I didn't see a single show or gamble at all! My entire time was basically spent meeting new people, attending workshops, and staying up late talking with people over food & drinks. I even missed two parties which I feel really awful about because people were expecting me to be there. One of them was scheduled at an impossible time for me to attend and the other one was entirely my fault because I had written down the wrong day (stupid, stupid, stupid!) I felt so bad that I let those people down who were hoping to see me. If you're one of those people, I really hope that you give me a chance to make it up to you in the future... I was really bummed that I missed seeing some of my favorite people. I know there will be a next time, it's just a matter of when that next time is.

So, to give you a little idea of what life is like in my shoes right now, check out this crazy schedule...

Here's what I did yesterday....
8:30 am Woke up
9:00 am Joined Abby @ Bally's Spa
10:00 am Received my first facial (Thank you Abby!!!)
11:00 am Showered & Dressed
12:15 pm Met Dan @ Bally's
12:30 pm Met Huy, David, and Leigh @ Westin
1:00 pm Sushi Lunch with Huy, David, & Leigh
2:30 pm Talk with Tech Support @ Bally's so I can check email
3:15 pm Finally get on Internet to confirm flight times & check email
4:00 pm Start packing (should have happened sooner)
5:00 pm Grab a Taxi to airport & sit in rush hour traffic
6:00 pm Board plane -- switch from Vegas time to Indiana time 6 pm=9 pm

12:45 am Arrive in Indianapolis
2:14 am Arrive in Terre Haute
2:30 am Respond to urgent email, confirm hotel, print maps, charge cell phone, download audio book for car ride
4:00 am Blog this crazy schedule
4:15 am Sleep
7:15 am Wake up, Shower, Dress, Repack for Wedding gear & clothing, Call bride & confirm times
9:00 am Drive to Plymouth, MI for Wedding Rehearsal (hoping to get there on time... chances=slim)
3:00 pm Wedding Rehearsal
5:00 pm Check into hotel
6:00 pm Eat dinner, double check gear & charge all batteries
8:00 pm Get to bed early in order to be well rested for wedding the next day

Saturday - Wedding
Sunday - Visit mom for first time since she got married but will miss Jim since he's in Egypt. Visit my sister who had her first baby shower while I was at the wedding on Saturday. Shoot a Film Noir Boudoir™ session (???).
Monday - Drive back to Indiana and hope to catch up on emails and uploads

I hope this might explain why you may not have heard from me recently. I'll definitely be catching up with everyone once the dust has settled on Tuesday. If you don't hear from me by Wednesday, it's because something got lost along the way - which can occasionally happen when bouncing from place to place and computer to computer. Thank you for understanding!!!!

PS... Here's what I've been listening to while I travel lately...

If you'd like to see more books on my reading list.. CLICK HERE.

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  1. Yeah, this last week has been frenetic. WPPI isn't about canon vs Nikon or Apple vs PC, but instead it's about the connections and people you meet in the wedding photo world.

  2. Oooh, The Tipping Point. Great book. Have you read his other one? "Blink," is the title.

  3. Hi Anne!!
    You are on the blog, so check it out when you have a sec.
    I hope you are recovering from all of the vegas insanity!
    xo daria

  4. Crazy! You are a very busy and I would bet that you won't do that again next year :)

    Great to meet you in Vegas!

  5. hi lovely! Busy busy! I had so so so much fun with you in Vegas! Hope your shoot on Sat. in MI went well! Hope you're sweetly dreaming and relaxing a bit this week! <3

  6. Damn! I wish we could've gotten together while you're up here! :(

    Ah well.. it's cool. Oh, and I LOVE your amazon list! Thanks for that fellow small bizz person!


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