Chicago for a Day

posted on: February 6, 2007

Think safe thoughts for me as I drive to Chicago in the dark with all of the snow on the road! I'll let you know how it went when I get back really late tonight!
Update: 2/8/07

YAY!!! I made it there and back safely!!! Even though it wasn't snowing, there was still quite a bit of snow on the road when I left at 5:30 am. I learned that it takes just about 4 hours with weather and morning commuter traffic to get to downtown Chicago from Terre Haute via US-41 & I-94. (I think I've made it in 3 hours before...) Originally my husband and I had talked about parking in Hammond and taking the train in, but I wanted the freedom to leave whenever I was ready and not to be bound by the train schedule, so I opted to pay for the $28 parking (*gulp*). Thank goodness for the Central Time Zone change because I made it right on time, even with 30 minutes to spare! Woo Hoo!! My night vision isn't so hot, so it kind of freaks me out to do a lot of driving at night, which is why I always ask for safe thoughts when I'm traveling. I even forgot my cell phone, which I didn't realize until I left, so I was a little more freaked out than usual. Thank you so much for thinking of me, there were a few close calls with snow and ice, so I really do believe your thoughts are what kept me safe!!

Joe Buissink = sweet guy & awesome celebrity wedding photographer, me = happy shiny Anne:
joe buissink

Marcus Bell = hawt guy & amazing Aussie wedding photographer, me = turkey neck Anne
Marcus Bell

Joe & Marcus are the reasons I got up at 4 am yesterday. They are both incredible people with wonderful insights about weddings, photography, business, and people. Joe photographed weddings for Christina Aguilera, J. Lo, Tiffany Thiesen, Brendan Fraser, Kelsey Grammar, Hillary Swank, Jessica Simpson (all of the photos in her wedding book were taken by Joe), and even Annie Liebovitz's daughter. Marcus is from Australia and is considered to be one of the top wedding photographers in the world, as well as an incredible photographic artist. Both guys are wonderful people who love to share their passion wih others.

It was really interesting to see how two contrasting photographers work differently to achieve a similar outcome. Joe prefers to shoot film, works with an assistant on weddings, has a lab that takes care of his processing and printing, works from home and has built his business on relationship-based marketing. Marcus prefers to shoot digital, works alone on weddings, takes care of his own processing and printing, has a studio with several associate photographers, and has built his business on brand-based marketing. Both of them are insightful and care about the moments and art of wedding photography, as well as being great with people and developing relationships. I connected to many of the things they talked about and was happy to hear that Joe's start was very similar to my own. It was quite reaffirming, knowing that many of the things they offered as suggestions to photographers were things that I was already doing in my own life and business. I also learned a few new tricks and ideas that I can't wait to try!!

On top of learning from Joe & Marcus, I also had the chance to meet some photographers that I've chatted with online but have never had the chance to actually just hang out with in person!!! I just love how my job has introduced me to so many AWESOME people!!! Here are just a few of the amazing photographers I got to meet while I was in Chicago yesterday... I wish I had a picture of everyone but we always seem to forget that!!! (I took all of these with my point & shoot camera - cause my big one doesn't fit in my purse!! HA! ;-) Just in case these people would like to remain anonymous, I'll group their names together and let you try to figure out who is who!! Below (and not in order) you'll see some of these crazy & awesome photographers: Leigh Miller from San Diego, CA; Jessica Johnston from Ann Arbor, MI; Melissa McKolay from Traverse City, MI; Stacey Doyle from Rhode Island.

The peer pressure was strong, but I didn't have anything to drink because I had to drive home!!! I'm just naturally that ridiculous! I wish I could have stayed all night and partied with these awesome ladies!!! Luckily, I'll probably see them again soon. ;-)

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  1. jamie8:33 AM

    that map looks like you should have been a happy camper :-) The storm which closed everything here preemptively, was a total bust, but i know we were on the southern edge of it. Hope your travels were good!

  2. be safe!
    hope you have a GREAT trip! :)

  3. Oooh...hope you were safe! :)

  4. Aghhh!!! I'm soooo jealous!! You go girl! It looks like you had a great time and I'm sure you learned lots of good stuff too! I hope you have a great weekend!


  5. Wow, looks like fun, and I'm glad you made it there and back safely. :)


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