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posted on: January 8, 2007

On the wedding side of my spamtastic new website, I added the "Personal" gallery which is full of images chosen by clients. The coolest part is that they also have captions about the image or why the client chose the image as a favorite. There are many times when I'm amazed that someone chooses an image as a favorite, but I know it's because there's something that they connect to that goes much deeper than the image itself. This is also one of the reasons that I have a very hard time editing down my number of images!! I know there are photographers who can take 1500 pictures and edit them down to only 300-500 for the client to see, but it's seriously impossible for me to take that big of a cut. Part of me is really sentimental about each and every click, and the other part of me worries that I'll be throwing away something precious!! In any case, check out some of my clients favorite images, and see what they love about them - you may be surprised! (To my wonderful brides & grooms who aren't featured yet - I can add your images to the gallery at any time. ;-)

On the lifestyle side of the website, I added a new section called "Beauty" which (for now) features some of the headshot and fashion work I did before I really got into weddings. (As a side note, most of those images were captured on good ol' film.) At first I was going to call it "Talent" and include some of my live music photos, but I think I'll end up putting those in the "Art" section (which is really just a collage of things I do for my own enjoyment - or whenever I feel like I've been away from my camera for too long.)


Now that my availability calendar is easy to access on my website, you can see what dates are still available. While there are more than 7 weekends availble on the calendar, I'm only taking on 7 more wedding clients for 2007 in order to give my current (and future) clients as much personal attention as possible. I'll still be accepting lifestyle and portrait work above and beyond weddings, so if you just HAVE to have some Anne Ruthmann photos, we can still do a portrait session before or after your wedding day. ;-) If I do have your date available, make sure you get in touch with me soon! There's nothing that breaks my heart more than having to turn someone away because I'm already booked! Especially when it's an awesome destination wedding in the Caribbean!

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  1. Congratulations lady! That is awesome! :D

  2. Thanks gorgeous!!! Eventually I'm going to add some of your hot-hot-hot photos to the romance gallery!! (I never thought it would take so long to get so many pictures together!)

  3. Anne, just beautiful work! I am amazed at your talent.

    I gave your name to an online friend who was, at one point, looking for a photographer. They are doing an on location vow renewal in Hawaii. (planning big) I don't know much else. She's a photographer herself so you might even know her around online. Let me know if you want more of her info. :)


  4. The site looks great! On the personal section though, for the images that are rotated and centered, the "info" text starts at the lower left corner of the image instead of the page, so it runs off behind the thumbnails. At least it did last night, I haven't checked this morning, maybe you fixed it already. ;)

  5. Ashley - thank you sooo much!!!

    Jessica - Yeah... we're working on fixing that. Thanks for the heads up!


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