Meet Misty

posted on: October 2, 2006

Misty recently made it into the final round of BluDomain's cutest dog contest. I think it's up to a bunch of kindergarten children now to decide who the winner will be. Misty, of course, doesn't care if she wins or not because she's a total diva and simply likes to strike poses for the camera. Her inner diva really comes out when you don't feed her on time; if the food arrives late, she'll bark up a storm about how terrible the wait staff is. She can't stand crowded places because she has an immense fear of being stepped on, so she prefers to be held and people love holding her (Paris Hilton's pup ain't got nuthin' on this bitch). She's smaller than most house cats with a svelt figure under 5lbs. She doesn't like to talk about her age, but I think she's almost 13 years old (that puppy haircut can be deceiving)! She says that if she wins the cutest dog contest, she'll buy a new wardrobe and model it for Blu's winter collection! If she doesn't win, she'll probably buy a new wardrobe anyway!

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  1. Jennie O.7:36 PM

    Misty is such a diva. She totally has that Napoleon complex going on. If she wins this contest watch out!!! Her ego is going to be bigger than it already out of control. She may even change management and get a new owner.

  2. My 4 yr old son just saw this and said 'Oh Mom!! What a cute doggie!'. I agree! I bet she'll be lots of fun.

  3. amanda12:31 PM

    how stinkin cute! will you write all of my blog entries, I love reading your stuff!

  4. Sure Amanda... I'll write in your blog and you can design my albums... sounds like a fair trade-off, yes? :-) (to my clients... I'm just kidding!! Even though Amanda does FABULOUS albums!)


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