Kasey & Chris' Wedding

posted on: July 10, 2006

I think the greatest pictures are ones that are full of emotion. Kasey & Chris were so fun to photograph because they had no problems wearing their emotions on their sleeves. They also love to have a ton of fun and act like total goofballs around their friends, which gave everyone else the freedom to let loose and have a good time! I just love how excited Kasey looked when she saw her flowers for the first time! I'm so glad I picked the perfect spot to see her expression. ;-)

I photographed Kasey's brother's (pictured above) wedding last year and had almost forgotten how silly their family can be! It was a total blast to see everyone again, and to document more of this family's history. You have no idea how honored I feel to be a part of these special family moments. Kasey & Chris' son, Aiden, was just so cute in his little ring bearer tux that I could just eat him up! Of course, when you look at his parents you can totally see why he's so adorable. Look how intruiged he was with Kasey putting lip liner on her maid of honor!!

Kasey & Chris were married at the St John Vianney Church in Saginaw, MI with their reception following at the Freeland Banquet Center in Midland, MI. Even though it rained most of the day, it didn't put any damper on the party happening inside!

There were also very touching moments as well, many of which were perfectly captured on black & white film. I don't know what it is, but I feel like there's still something magical about black & white film that digital just can't compare too. In any case, many of my favorite images end up being the ones captured on film. Click any image to see more previews from Kasey & Chris' wedding day!

(I think I like single images more than the collage. My favorite photos just don't have the same impact when they are itty bitty. What do you think?! ;-)

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  1. WOW! Those are GREAT!!!
    Good job :)

  2. I like the individual shots for the exact same reason you gave. There's just so much to take in with each shot... you need to have them bigger than the collage will allow.

    Of course, it takes up more of the blog page and I know that can be a little annoying ;)

  3. Jennie11:17 AM

    I like the single format better too.

  4. Anonymous2:18 PM

    You have a way of capturing emotion that I have never seen in any other photographer! I am Dan and Kasey's Mom, and I am glad you were there for our family. I have one more daughter to go, you know. She is the "Maid of Honor" Kasey was putting lipstick on!

  5. Heidi Bartlett11:49 PM

    Anne -

    I so hope you are still available for my wedding! I get so excited when I look at your work! Hope to talk to you soon!


  6. Anne...

    First let me say Heidi, book her NOW... She's in high demand!

    Second... the photo of the guy in green with all of the hands around him, GENIUS!

    Again, I'm LOVIN' your stuff.



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