Beth & Troy Engagement

posted on: June 20, 2006

I don't know how they managed to do it, but Beth & Troy hardly showed any signs of how incredibly HOT and HUMID it was during their engagement session! I met them in East Lansing to shoot at the MSU Horticultural Gardens. However, since the sun was so hot, I thought we'd last a little longer if we started out in the shade near the WJ Beal Gardens where the large trees and buildings provide a little more shelter from the sun. After we cooled off with one of my favorite volcanic French Sodas from The Cappuccino Cafe, we headed out to the Horticultural Gardens. MSU is fortunate to have such a green campus with plenty of places for great garden pictures.

Ever since I started shooting in RAW instead of JPEG, I've been pushing the boundaries a lot in terms of color, saturation, and contrast and I'm just loving it! I know that it's not for everyone, however when it comes to engagement pictures, there are often so many that are similar to each other that it doesn't matter much if I take one or two and get really wild with them. ;-)

I just love kissing pictures. I've been accused by mothers of brides and grooms of having "too many" kissing pictures.. but for me, there are never enough!

I also love pictures of people laughing. I can't think of a better expression of true happiness than laughter, can you? A lot of photographers might throw this picture out because she has her eyes closed, or because there's motion blur, but not me... the emotion and moment are real and honest, and if I have to make a few technical sacrifices to capture real emotions.. I'll do it!

I've seen a lot of pictures done on train tracks, but very few with an actual train in them!! Most people, when hearing a train whistle, would step away from the tracks, but once I heard the train whistle, I couldn't resist the opportunity to get the train zooming by! How exciting! Of course I have to thank Beth & Troy for standing so close to the tracks with the train zooming by! (Don't try this at home kids!) Click on an image to view a slideshow preview of their engagement session.

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