Never a Dull Moment

posted on: May 15, 2006

Things have been pretty busy around here lately! Our graduation weekend brought in out-of-town family for 4 days straight, which we had a wonderful time entertaining and exploring downtown Detroit with. I started a very intense Spanish class which will only last 8 weeks, with long classes, tons of homework, and tests every class, but is the last requirement for my teaching certification (woo hoo!) This weekend I took Alex to the airport so he could attend a surprise birthday party in St. Louis, meanwhile I had a 13 hour wedding on Friday and another 13 hour wedding on Saturday and spent Sunday morning picking Alex back up from the airport, and the rest of the day with my mom for mother's day. We attended the opera and had dinner at the Whitney, all of which reminded me of how much I'm going to miss all of the cool things about Detroit! *sigh*

When we move to Terre Haute, IN in August, I look forward to exploring a lot of the historic buildings there and possibly starting a postcard and fine art series. The layouts you see here are just experimenting with the idea. I also can't wait to make some of my fine art which has been "laying around" my hard drive available for purchase! Many new and exciting things are in the works and I can't wait to share them with everyone!

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  1. Renee8:38 AM

    Dear anne---let me know when and if you do start doing post cards. I might buy some. That used to be my favorite thing to get as a tourist. Reminders of where I have been. both the guardian building and the masonic temple are great---your photos of them. I will keep checking out your site to see your future photos. God bless. Love, Aunt Renee


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