Danielle & Brian Engagement

posted on: March 20, 2006

What started out as a simple task of taking engagement pictures at the Joe Louis Arena, turned into a story that Danielle, Brian, and I (as well as two other gentlemen named Louis and Kimothy) will never forget. Since Danielle & Brian are big Red Wings fans, we decided to park at Greektown Casino for some free downtown parking and hop on the People Mover for a ride over to Joe Louis Arena. When we arrived at the Joe Louis stop, we innocently stepped onto the elevator from the People Mover platform, even though the gentlemen already inside the elevator seemed to be confused as to why they were not on the ground level. The doors close. We wait. We don't feel any movement. The doors don't open. We push buttons. We push more buttons. Pushing buttons, pushing buttons, pushing buttons... nothing happens. We are trapped in an elevator. GREAT!

Now, this wouldn't be too much of a problem except that I like to schedule engagement sessions to take advantage of peak lighting hours and I do not plan in extra time to get stuck in elevators! We pushed the little button to call someone and an operator answered, saying they'd send someone in 10 minutes. Well, 10 minutes isn't so bad. Ten minutes pass and no one comes, no one calls. We push the button again, the same operator answers again...
"We're stuck in an elevator by Joe Louis Arena, is anyone coming to help us get out??"
"We've sent someone, they should be on their way there in about 10 minutes."
"That's what you said the last time.."
"I know, he's still on his way."

Now mind you, I have a job to get done here and time's a wastin'! Unfortunately we were a little more inhibited due to the fact that there were two other gentlemen in the elevator with the couple and I. The gentlemen were... not thrilled to be stuck in an elevator with a photographer who's asking a couple to kiss in front of them! HA! Kimothy, was on his way to work at Joe Louis arena- and if you happen to come across this loveable guy, tell him I said Hi and I hope his mother is doing well (whom he called on Danielle's cell phone while we were stuck in the elevator). Louis, well.. he's a very private person and preferred not to give us any personal information whatsoever- in fact, he only introduced himself after being in the elevator together for about 45 minutes.

So, I don't have a modeling release for these extra gentlemen, but I have to take some pictures of the couple in case we don't get out before the sun sets. The poor gentlemen had to move to the corners of the elevator so they wouldn't be in my shots and the lighting was horrible, even with flash, the gray walls were just eating up all of the light. Needless to say.. not the ideal location or lighting for an engagement session! To top it off, my husband called while I was in the elevator to tell me that he got hired for his first full-time professor position- which meant that we would be moving to Indiana in the fall. How ironic that I receive a life-changing phone call while stuck in an elevator!

Finally, after an hour of waiting in the elevator, and many calls to the people mover operators, we get out. At the very moment the doors opened, I caught this picture of Danielle which says it all... what a relief!!

Luckily, we still had a bit of sunlight left to do pictures around the arena and in front of the hockey wall of fame. When we got back onto the people mover, can you guess what we didn't take up to the platform?! I also got some fun shots in the people mover and still caught a little bit of sun-kissed closeups. Click on any of the images to view Danielle & Brian's Engagement Session.

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