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posted on: February 7, 2006

I'm so excited to share this new method of previewing photos with you! Flash slideshows are a great introduction to your images, and the music can be personalized for your tastes. You may have already checked out a few of the shows I've created, but if you're one of my brides and would like me to revisit your images and create a slideshow for you, just email me the song you'd like and I'll whip one up with my favorite images from your engagement or wedding day. I plan on making this a more intregal part of my website now so that visitors can get a sample of my latest wedding images without needing to sign into PICTage.

Tiffany and Jeff were the first couple to pick their song- "This Year's Love" by David Gray. Click on the image below to watch their engagement photo slideshow...

(This photo looks great when supersized to 12"x18"!)

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  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    I love this! I'm sitting here crying--it's like watching my favorite romantic movie or reading a romance novel, 'cept it's real people!

    what a gift you have!

  2. Anne, what a fantastic slide show with what appears to be a very happy couple! Nicely done! Keep at your dream and don't ever let it die! :)


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