Gwen & Chad Engagement

posted on: December 11, 2005

Gwen & Chad chose to have their engagement photos done at a quaint city park in downtown Fenton. Since I wasn't able to get to the park before hand to scope out the best picture spots, Gwen sent me a few pictures she had taken at the park. I always appreciate knowing at least a little something about the scene before I get there. From what I could see in her pictures, there were lots of neat things, but in all the wrong places. Once we got to the park I could see that there were even more great backdrops, but just as I had suspected, they were in akward places photographically. So, I really had to stop looking with my eyes and think about what things would look like through the lens, using perspective and focal lengths to my advantage. I love a challenge! There were definitely times when my intuition was to get closer, but for the best picture I actually had to step back and zoom in- which sometimes meant stepping out into a street with traffic! Oh, the things I'll do for a great picture... but in the end, I'd rather take a few risks to have a great picture than be safe for an OK picture. :-)

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